Our mission is to create a true way solution for the wide variety of storage and computation problems we see every day. We created the whole stack of technologies ranging from the lowest level of data storage upto high-level processing pipeline.

Time moves on and we see how complex is to deal with massively increasing amounts of data. We provide solutions for true-way horizontal scaling with fair system complexity. Our storage appliances lay in the area where one has to host multi-millions to billions of small-to-medium objects upto huge data streaming systems.

Your data should nost just lay in archive in the distributed system — realtime pipeline processing is our vision of how data has to be handled. We use them by ourself and want to provide the best experience for our customers.



Every day brings us more and more complex situations where our decisions are based on previous experience and current situation. We build our business on the ever growing demand for scalable storage and data processing solutions.

We see how requirements are changed and match them in our products.
Our data storage solutions grow with client’s business, we create frameworks to process stored and new data and design new systems to spread the horizons.