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Elliptics network is a fault tolerant distributed key/value storage. The network does not use dedicated servers to maintain the metadata information, it supports redundant objects storage. Protocol allows to implement own data storage using specific features for the deploying project and generally extend data communication with infinite number of the extensions.
Eblob is an append-overwrite low-level IO library, which saves data in blob files. It supports fast append-only updates, flexible configuration of hash table size, flags, alignment and has an ability to lock in-memory lookup index (hash table) to eliminate memory swap.
This backend is created to host huge amount of rather small compressible data in elliptics and recommended for cache-like operations. Data is compressed and sorted by key.

This backend does not allow data recovery but it definitely will.
This small framework is created to fill the gap for realtime processing. Its main goal is to create a pipeline engine to process data stored in elliptics.
Grape supports dynamic management of the process pool, jailed setup, extended statistics and quite flexible configuration.
Basically, this framework hides all messaging, routing, connection, locking and all other low-level stuff from higher layer. It supports blocked operations, i.e. client waits until all events she emitted are finished and one of them emits completion event back to caller.
Building your own PaaS clouds is now possible with this open-source cloud platform. Use simple and very effective dynamic components and don’t be restricted by a language or a framework. Isn’t it what you wanted?